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Anhydrous milk Fat is the solid state product of lower content moisture processed by melting butter or dilute cream (as fermentation or fermentaintin ). Milky white or yellow, with ...
Specifications of Skim Milk Powder

1. Chemical characteristics:
Fat: 1.5% max
Protein: 33.0% min
Moisture: 4.5%max
Insolubility index: 0.5ml max
Antibiotic: Negative

2. ...
Egg White Powder(Egg Albumen Powder) has good functionality, such as gel, whipping, emulsification, adhesive. Egg white powder can be used to improve the quality of products and ...
Whole Milk Powder
Whole Milk Powder is the powder-form product made of fresh milk which meets the standard of national quality, with the most of nutrient contents of milk. ...
The Specifications of sweeten condesed milk as follows:

Moisture: 27.0% max
Fat: 8.0% min
Protein: 3.5% min
Sucrose: 45.0%min
Total Solids: 28.0% min
Color: ...
Egg Yolk Powder with rich nutrition and good emulsification which can improve quality of final products and extend shelf life.

The specifications:
Moisture(%): 4.0 max ...
Specifications of Full Cream Milk Powder

1. Physical characteristics:

Colour White to creamy white

Flavour & odour Free from rancid, tallowy or other objectionable ...
Product: Whole Egg Powder

The specifications:

Moisture(%) 4.0 max

Fat(%) 40.0 min

Free Fatty Acid(%) 4.0 max

Protein(%) 45.0 min

pH 7.0-9.5

Total ...
Product: Whole Goat Milk Powder

The specifications:

Goat Fat, % 26 min

Protein, % 24min

Reconstituted Lactic Acidity, aoT 18 max

Moisture, % 5.0 max

Insolubility ...
Specifications of Skim Milk Powder

1. Chemical characteristics:

Fat 1.5% max

Protein 32.50% min

Moisture 4.5%max

Insolubility index 0.5ml max

Antibiotic Negative ...

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